About Us

Sky International has been operating in Hong Kong since the late 1970's. While they may come from a sailing background this only strengthens their knowledge of beer. There is nothing better than enjoying a good chat over a great beer in the bar after a days sailing. Sky have been doing this for quite some time.

Having brought over many marine brands and products from the UK, Sky International saw the opportunity to introduce some great British beers from breweries not yet represented in Hong Kong.

Our Brands

Sky represent Box Steam Brewery from Wiltshire, South West England. Box Steam offer a selection of ales that should meet all tastes. Available will be their flagship ale called Tunnel Vision, an amber bitter. There will also be Piston Broke, a golden ale, Derail Ale an IPA and a lovely porter called Funnel Blower. While these names all sound more trains than sailing, the inspiration comes from another quality product of the West Country, Isambard. Kingdom Brunel who also built a boat or two.

There was a brewery at Box nearly a hundred years ago, and when resurrected in 2004 it stayed true to the Great British brewing tradition, just adding a little personality and a lot of enthusiasm.

The Box Steam Brewery has grown from a 10 barrel kit to producing over 6,300 hectolitres of beer per year. This has enabled them to broaden their coverage from a few local pubs in Wiltshire to most of the UK and now abroad. Part of the success of the brewery is a fantastic team of staff and a continued belief in good quality beers brewed professionally.

For more information on Box Steam Brewery, please go to their website: www.boxsteambrewery.com