The Canny Man Takes On Our Beer

The Canny Man Takes On Our Beer

In a bold move, The Canny Man in Wanchai has started stocking our Derail Ale and Piston Broke beers from Box Steam Brewery. While being known as Hong Kong's only authentic Scottish bar, The Canny Man has broadened it's horizons to include some nice British Beers alongside their enviable collection of whiskies.

The Canny Man is located in the heart of Wanchai and offers itself as an oasis from all the other bars that stock tastless beers and all offer the same loud music. Located in the basement of the Wharney Guangdong Hotel customers can enjoy a pleasent atmosphere surrounded by Scottish decor and friendly staff. The food and drink selection is perfect for those wanting to taste a bit of Scotland or be reminded of life back home. The inclusion of two of Box Steam Brewery beers only adds to this quality!

The Canny Man can also get quite full during Wednesday quiz nights and weekend sporting events, especially football and international rugby.

For more information, go to or their Facebook page: @theCannyManWanchai

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